3D Print Then Sculpt!!! – Adam Beane Industries


Oh boy, technology is flying by us so fast and the innovation of today will be common place years into the future. So for all of you modern tech-savy individuals who both sculpt practically and digitally you’ll love this latest invention from Adam Beane Industries. Sculptable Filament. You might be scratching your head about know so let me explain.

Adam Beane the makers of CX5 sculpting clay has created a filament that can be used in your 3d Printer!!! Yes, you heard correct. Okay I’m a little beside myself. So first you design your sculpt in the computer and then you print it out on your 3d printer and in the final stage before molding and casting you would clean your 3d print and give it even greater detail and a hand made touch using traditional sculpting techniques. The ability to do this is huge. The applications are all over the place. Like being able to print your puppet design and then alter it in a type of post process which can be tweaked by a director or artist and later molded and cast in your favorite material like foam latex or silicone.

You could even use it to make blanks for props which can be molded and cast into plastic multiples. Or go one step farther and have a series of replacement puppets you could animate and melt at the same time!!! Eeeeewwww…. Fun!!!

Really probably one of the best things about CX5 is that you can reuse it after you are done. I don’t mean re-3d print it, but really use it like you would traditional oil based model clay. Check their site for updates. No word about when this will be available, but we are super psyched to try this new product out.