A GIRL NAMED ELASTIKA by Guillaume Blanchet


Pins, paper clips, and rubber bands are moving around with the music, and it shows us a story of Elastika’s adventure on the corkboard and colored papers! The main character, Elastika, explores her adventure in this short film. The materials and idea are simple, yet it is a very creative film.

This filmmaker and director, Guillaume Blanchet, has learned stop-motion animation with a self-taught. According to his official website, Blanchet mentions A GIRL NAMED ELASTIKA had selected and won for 85 international film festivals such as Animateka Festival 2013 in Slovenia, R2R Film Festivals 2014 in Vancouver, and more.


A GIRL Please watch this film, NAMED ELASTIKA by Guillaume Blanchet


A GIRL NAMED ELASTIKA from Guillaume Blanchet I Filmmaker on Vimeo.


Guillaume Blanchet’s official website