Adobe Animate CC


Adobe has been making Flash software for years. So the announcement that they were phasing out Flash was a shocker for many especially the animation industry. Yet here we are in 2016 and Animate CC comes along. Animate CC is Adobe’s answer to the Flash problem. Traditionally Flash was clunky and difficult to use with many problems inherent under the hood. It’s no wonder Steve Jobs though it was terrible. No really he did! What Adobe has done is make Animate CC approachable, user friendly, and accessible for the average person or animation student. At $19.99 it is affordable and allows you a multitude of tools and features, one of which is the onion skinning option. You may have some reservations about such a software given this is a stop motion focused website, but I can assure you that animation translates to its many mediums and styles very well. Checkout the promo video below where Adobe goes to Kickelodeon Studios and gets the input from real animators. You can findout more at