Angry Man – An Honest Film About Domestic Violence


We as a world society have many diverse an riches in culture and arts. One thing that is a major issue that we share as a people is mental illness. This can take many forms and is very often overlooked, or for the lucky few treated in some manner. One such illness within the psychological dictionary is domestic violence. The harsh reality is that this is everywhere. The film Angry Man takes a very personal and fresh approach to the issue by being very direct taking you to the perspective of the child. The little boy named Boj plays the main character. Little Boj has to find a way to protect his mother from the Angry Man they live with. The film was originally released in Norway in 2009 under the title Sinna Mann and is written and directed by Anita Killi. The style of the film is beautifully crafted with paper cutout animation done on a multiplane camera setup. The play with shadows is captivating and the movement of the characters is lovingly smooth and given life usually not seen in paper animated productions. The subject matter strikes deep at the nerve center of the soul and is such a brutally honest tale. Check it out below.

Angry Man (w/Eng. subtitles) from Trollfilm on Vimeo.



Angry Man Boj