Animator Cube by Dito Gear


Dito Gear Animator Cube

Dito Gear Animator Cube is a revolutionary way of setting up motion controlled camera moves. No longer would you have to rely on a large camera cranes or messy C-Stands to achieve flying and swooping shots. By using the ceiling as a mounting surface for the camera sliders that now move collectively in a 3 axis configuration, you’ve essentially utilized your studios maximum space. Now you can achieve those cinematic motion controlled camera moves to be utilized in your stop motion productions or visual effects shots.

Dito Gear for years has been known to produce the Omni Slider along with some amazing accessories that pair with it. Now they have reached a new level of awesome with their Animator Cube. In principle you typically have a C-Stand, Tripod, or Camera Crane that takes up valuable work space for the animator and lighting crew to utilize in the production. This often limits where the lights and camera can be positioned. Dito Gear however has brilliantly created a mounting system and configuration of their slider system which frees up valuable work space along with offering the director of photography the ability to produce and control camera moves that would be otherwise impossible without a crane or custom built system.

The Dito Gear Animator Cube sells for about $10,000 u.s. retail

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The Camera can now move freely within the animation Cube boundaries on all linear axis with rotation ability in two axis.

The Animation Cube is completely controllable by DragonFrame and integrates seamlessly.

The Dito Gear Animation Cube is truly a revolutionary product. This camera slider will make many a photography geek a happy person. 

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