Animators/Filmmakers Can Make Money from Amazon’s New Service, Amazon Video Direct!


Dear all filmmakers, please use this opportunity to show your videos and get your fans through this Amazon’s new service! A website; Cartoonbrew’s author, Amid Amidi, mentions, “In a major development for independent content creators, Amazon is inviting all creators to post videos to its Amazon Video service and earn royalties based on hours streamed.” This video service called Amazon Video Direct (AVD), and it is free to all Amazon Prime members. The member can upload their own videos on AVD to generate royalties. You would think AVD is similar as YouTube, yet this Amazon’s new service offers you some options to make money from your videos. First, you can choose for users to buy or rent your videos and get 50% of the net revenue. Second, you make the content available for Amazon Prime members and receive $0.15 for every hour if the content is streamed. Third, you can make your content free with ads and get 55% of net ad revenue. Fourth, you can make content available to only those with add-on subscriptions and earn 50% of net monthly revenue. Please create your account now and show your videos!

“Amazon Offers Animators A New Way to Make Money from Online Video” by Cartoonbrew

Amazon’s new service: Amazon Video Direct (AVD)