LAIKA will recruit animators and costume makers at ANIMARKT

LAIKA the animation powerhouse famous for films such as Paranormal, Coraline, Kubo and the Two Strings, and Boxtrolls, will be seeking fresh new talent for upcoming productions at this years ANIMARKT located in Lodz, Poland. On October 12th Anna Kvorning will be in attendance to look at artists portfolios and meet with them to scout for talent on an upcoming still unknown production produced by LAIKA. ANIMARKT is becoming a house hold name in the stop motion world and if you are in the area you should definitely give it a go.

Here’s the Press Release

ANIMARKT 2018 – LAIKA will recruit animators and costume makers

The one and only meeting in Central and Eastern Europe, during which Anna Kvorning from LAIKA will recruit animators and costume makers to work in the studio in USA will be held this year at ANIMARKT Stop Motion Forum.

Recruitment to LAIKA studio will take place on October 12th in Lodz (Poland) in the revitalised buildings of EC1 complex, during the third edition of ANIMARKT Stop Motion Forum. All candidates interested in meeting Anna Kvorning should fill in and send an application form presenting shortly themselves and the effects of their work as an animator or costume maker (link to the application form:HYPERLINK “” Then Anna will choose people she would like to meet at ANIMARKT.

Anna Kvorning oversees talent acquisitions at LAIKA and has been with the studio for 5 years during the productions of Boxtrolls, Kubo and the Two Strings and Missing Link. She came to Portland from Los Angeles where she lived for 6 years while working in film sales and at a talent agency.

Why working in LAIKA is so desirable?

LAIKA is a worldwide-know animation studio, which holds the reverence for tradition and mixes it with fervor for innovation. Its history began in 2005, in a warehouse in Portland, OR, where LAIKA began crafting films in the beautiful cinematic style known as stop-motion animation. LAIKA CEO Travis Knight had honed his stop-motion skills and developed a deep passion for the art form while working as an animator on projects like Eddie Murphy’s The PJ’s at Portland-based Vinton Studios in years prior, and he decided to devote his efforts to building a studio that would carry on the tradition and modernize it for a whole new generation of moviegoers.

Since then, LAIKA has assembled an unrivaled team of world-class artists and made 4 award-winning films: Coraline (2009), ParaNorman (2012), The Boxtrolls (2014) and Kubo and the Two Strings (2016) were nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature; Kubo and the Two Strings also won the BAFTA for Best Animated Film and received an Oscar nomination for Best Visual Effects.

ANIMARKT – great place for stop motion people

LAIKA recruitment is a part of ANIMARKT Stop Motion Forum – the first in Central and Eastern Europe event of a kind, focusing on stop motion animation (especially in a puppet technique). Its programme also includes such sections as ANIMARKT MASTERS – workshops and masterclasses led by high-class professionals, ANIMARKT TALKS – case study presentations of the most recent stop motion projects, and ANIMARKT PITCHING for the projects of stop motion shorts in development. ANIMARKT Stop Motion Forum will take place in Lodz (Poland) from 8th to 13th October, 2018.

More information about the event is published on its website:HYPERLINK “” and Facebook page:HYPERLINK “”

The organizer of ANIMARKT is MOMAKIN ( HYPERLINK “” – a multi-tasking unit working for popularizing and propagating animation and supporting creators in Poland
and in international arenas. The Main Partners of the event are: EC1 Łódź – City of Culture and Lodz Film Commission. The partners of ANIMARKT also include: Audiovisual Technology Center (CeTA) from Wroclaw which is also the founder of the awards for pitching winners, ASAF (Czech Republic), Mozinet (Hungary), Fest Anča International Animation Festival (Slovakia), SPPA – Polish Animation Producers Association, SFP – Polish Filmmakers Association. ANIMARKT is partially funded by the International Visegrad Fund, Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, and co-financed by the Polish Film Institute.

George Armature – Interview

The George Armature designed by Stefano Angelini and Stefano Totti has just cleared and surpassed its fundraising campaign on Kick Starter. What makes this armature unique is the carbon fiber material which serves as the plates for the ball in socket armature design. We sent out some questions to the guys over at Stop Motion Engineering to find out more about the armature and the design. Check it out below.

SMM: How did the concept of the George Armature come into being?

Stefano: The idea of developing the GEORGE® project is born by two people with different professions but united by a passion for animation cinema with the Stop Motion technique: Angelini Stefano from Rimini (Italy), Designer, has worked for over 20 years in the fashion industry, alongside famous fashion designers all over the world; Stefano Totti Mechanical Engineer from San Giovanni in Persiceto (Italy), twenty years experience in the world of mechanical power transmissions.

The first studies to create a very innovative professional product began in the first few months of 2015 and immediately focused on a material that had not yet been applied in the animation sector: CARBON FIBER, lightweight but hard material Non-deformable with high resistance to weight, superior to any metal alloy.

SMM: What’s different about the George Armature design compared to other armature designs?

Stefano: GEORGE® as mentioned above, was born as a highly technological and innovative project. The materials used, the technique and bonding technology, mediated by the aeronautical sector; The design and introduction of some unusual technical articulation solutions are a distinctive feature and synonymous with great applied research.

We have focused on a modular design capable of generating “infinity” combinations that make the armature simple and basic complex and articulated for the most demanding applications. For example we have designed three different chest designs interchangeable with each other; Two different “hands” made of aluminum, and a carbon hand they can also be interchangeable with a simple “turn of life”. Another example that differentiates GEORGE® from other commercial armature is our quick forearm on the forearm; Is made of full stainless steel block with CNC machine on our exclusive design. These details give GEORGE® the exclusive GEORGE’S DESIGN.

We believe that the strategic choice of relying on a fully composite structure is the ultimate technological expression available today in the stop-motion armature sector. The soft notes of this Lightweight material and mechanical strength have been the basis for developing an absolutely unconventional armor in which these peculiarities are combined with quality and reliability over time. Last but not least the aesthetics, the natural carbon fiber finish delivers a very high technical and qualitative feel that highlights the great sophistication and quality of the project / product.

SMM: What were some of the challenges when developing the design for the George Armature?

Stefano: A particular challenge was the solution for the gluing of carbon and stainless steel parts (carbon fiber can not be welded). After numerous tests of various glues and polymerisation processes, we decided to adopt a material used in the aeronautical section along with hot chamber polymerisation. This proprietary technology permits secure, highly resistant and long-life connections that are perfect for demanding professional use..

SMM: Are the George Armatures customizable?

Stefano: As we said earlier, GEORGE® is made up of modular components, so extremely customizable.

GEORGE® is available in different versions. The lightest and simplest (KIT-L) is completely made from carbon fibre, with the obvious exception of the joint spheres and nuts and bolts. In the most accessorised version (BLACK SPECIAL), features rapid hand and feet attachments in stainless steel, limb stems in hardened steel, larger diameter joint spheres and aluminium hands in a carbon fiber structure.

SMM: Can you bake foam latex with the George Armature inside of it?

Stefano: Sure; we tested the GEORGE® armatures up to a temperature of 250 degrees Fahrenheit without any problems.

SMM: What are some of your favorite armature designs?

Stefano: Initially we focused on the design of human body armature, developing 2 master sizes: 12 “and 10”. The modularity of the components allows us to realize any armor thief, animal structures, fantastic figures, reptiles, aracnids, the limit becomes only fantasy.

SMM: How does carbon fiber compare to steel when it comes to armature design?

Stefano: Carbon Fiber is a highly technological material, unnecessary to remember its massive use in motor sports, aeronautics (construction of structural components for civil aircraft and not only sports), high-end series cars, and always More present also in the field of automatic machines. Basically in all those applications where great mechanical performance and lightness are required. An already heavy weight armature negatively affects the correct mobility of the same, by loading the joints, the stiffness of the bars combined with the lightness generates a lightweight armor that can withstand higher volumes and weights of the materials that will cover it.

SMM: What’s next for the George Armature?

Stefano: Carbon fiber is a very expensive material, and for this reason we are designing a GEORGE® stainless steel upgrade with very high rigidity and strength, less expensive than carbon fiber.

It will also be this modular version and the parts will be interchanged with carbon fiber parts so that everyone can build his GEORGE® steel or steel with carbon fiber parts. But we still do not want to reveal anything else about design.

Now GEORGE® has a standard size of 25 cm and 30 cm customizable from 20 cm to 35 cm.

GEORGE® is just the first armature we have made, starting from the idea of a skeleton for the human body, but we can make any type of armature both in shapes and sizes, using our standard components or realizing new specifications. Now, for example, we are designing a completely special armature, which is about 80 cm in size.

SMM: Where can people interested in the George Armature findout more about it and be able to buy it?

Stefano: We have our web site continuous updating;

Our facebook page

Next autumn we will start a new crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter where we will present in addition to our GEORGE® carbon fiber reinforcements, the new GEORGE® hard steel reinforcements.

Follow us !! GEORGE® is always evolving, and contact us for every special armatures request!

Stefano Angelini

Stefano Totti

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Under the Apple Tree – Full Movie

Under the Apple Tree – Full Movie

Erik van Schaaik & PEDRI really have made a master piece of a film with this short film Under the Apple Tree. This short film gives us a new perspective of what its like to be a zombie. The artistry and design of the film is outstanding. There is a lot of compositing going on but this is to be expected with the scope of the environment in which the various characters occupy. The puppets look to be silicone constructed and the animation is top notch. Just take notice of the fabric movement and you’ll understand what i mean. This film is truly a work of art and we can’t wait to see what else the future holds for this director and his team.

Here’s a description of the production listed on Erik’s Vimeo page for this video:

A measly little worm finds himself homeless, for all the apples are taken by other worms. He’s an outcast in the stormy night, until he discovers the biggest apple of them all. It’s vacant and it’s… mobile!

Under The Apple Tree is an animated stop motion horror comedy about worms, apples and death. But also a film about family troubles. A film with a heart, although it might not be beating any more.

Awards: Golden Calf award for Best Short Film and Festival Favorite at the Netherlands Film Festival 2015 (NL). Best Animated Short at the Atlanta Horror Film Festival 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). Animated Fantasy at the Dragon Con Film Festival 2016 in Atlanta (USA). Best Professional Film at Festival Stop Motion 2016 in Montréal (CA). Best Short at Eerie Horror Filmfest 2016 in Eerie (USA). Best Director at Eerie Horror Filmfest 2016 in Eerie (USA). Best Short NYC Horror Film Festival 2016 in New York (USA). Best Stop Animated Short Film at South African Horrorfest 2016 in Cape Town, (SA). Third prize Animfest Athens 2016 (GR). First prize at Animation Marathon 2016 in Romanso, Athens (GR). Best Horror U-Horror Fest, Los Angeles, (USA). A Wildcard (audience award) at Hellfire 2017, Folkstone (UK). Best Short and Best Feature at British Animation Film Festival BAFF, London (UK). Melies d’Argent for best European fantastic short film at Grossmann fantastic film & wine festival (SLV). Nominated for the Dutch Directors Guild Award 2016 (NL).

One of the most well-crafted stop-motion films we’ve seen. Deeply funny. (Skwigly Animation Magazine)
Imagine the Gruffalo with Zombies. (Grimm Up North)
The excellently told story is peppered with morbid humor, its archaic English voice-overs entirely in rhyme. (Netherlands Film Festival)
Quality storytelling, originality and personality of characters, great animation performance. (Festival Stop Motion Montréal)
A film worth freezing for. (Anchorage International Film Festival, Alaska, USA)
18 minutes of macabre delight, this short should be every child’s first horror experience (The Ink And Code)
A brilliant stop-animated short giving a new spin on the zombie theme. (South African Horrorfest)
The attention to detail throughout the film is exquisite, it’s beautifully crafted and the story is brilliant and ingenious (…) I would love to see Under The Apple Tree developed into a feature film. (Atomic Age Renegades)
Quality, humor and exuberance. (
Griezelig, geestig en met grote liefde voor het horrorgenre gemaakt. (Trouw)

Copyright 2015 Pedri Animations / Erik van Schaaik Productions

Watch the full movie below on Vimeo:

Under The Apple Tree – full movie from Erik van Schaaik on Vimeo.


Look by Kunst Lucerne & Jane Mumford

Look by Justin Klaiber & Jane Mumford

Powerful is all I can really say about this short film made by Justin Klaiber & Jane Mumford. This film made at HSLU Design & Kunst hold both meaning and question about existence. What a powerful statement this film makes about realization of consciousness and form. Placing the two together in the moment and having a look at the world around you. Such a powerful metaphor this film is for awakening. Also absolutely love the fact that they made their puppets using foam latex. Classy pure form and design.

Checkout the short film below:

Look from Justine Klaiber on Vimeo.

Burning Man – by Fred Tschepp

Burning Man – by Fred Tschepp

I love short films and I love them even more when they are under 2 minutes and strike you hard with a story that burns with imagination. Burning Man by Fred Tschepp is one of those films that runs at about 50 seconds and actually gives you pause for thought. What a fun little film that will properly many many questions that may arise about the Burning Mans existence and how he survives, loves, and exists.

Checkout the Vimeo video below.

Burning Man from Fred Tschepp on Vimeo.


Slice & Dice with Giggles the Clown – Breaks 2 Million Views

Slice & Dice with Giggles the Clown – Breaks 2 Million Views

Giggles the Clown has become a horror vlog sensation with her fun quirky gentle video blogs posted on Facebook and YouTube. Giggles the clown often talks about her new experiences, meeting people, being kind to each other, and just plain having fun. So its no surprise  this fun character has a large following. CryptTV the horror marketing brand has in recent past put together a bunch of cartoons to promote their horror damsel Giggles the Clown. What’s very awesome is that an episode that was released 2017 is now well past 2 million views on Facebook. The short animation titled Slice and Dice with Giggles and directed/produced and animated by John Ikuma has not only broke 2 million views but has also far passed all the other animated shorts produced by CryptTV and many of their live action videos for Giggles the Clown as well as CryptTV original content. WOW!

Check out the short film on YouTube below:

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Overwatch – Trace & Bake

Overwatch – Trace & Bake

We all know how fun video games can be. The hours and hours of dry eye and sore thumbs often is filled by the heart pounding adrenaline fueled excitement a good adventure or combat game can provide. Overwatch one of the hottest games made by Blizzard is having an anniversary and what better way to celebrate it, but with some stop motion animation. This short made and animated by stop motion power duo Justin and Shel Rasch utilizes silicone stop motion puppets and takes two of the big characters from the game and places them in a fun and entertaining scenario. Give it a watch and also be sure to checkout the behind the scenes video as well.

Oh man that was great! Now checkout the behind the scenes below!


64,000,000 Years Ago

64,000,000 Years Ago 

This film is a classic in all sense of the word. What screams stop motion more than dinosaurs? We find our selves wondering through the ancient forests while being given a guided tour by the narrator. The land is fertile and the giant thunder lizards are larger than life and ready for us… Okay it’s not that dramatic, but it is a great display of artistry and with a little T-Rex and Triceratops action we couldn’t be happier when watching this short film that was produced for the National Film Board of Canada many many years ago. These lovely puppets are obviously foam latex over and the paint job on them is beautiful. The sets are also something of a masterpiece in that there are a lot of plants and this definitely gives the feel of a much forest. Check it out below and get your roars ready.

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STOP MOTION ANIMATION is one of the most popular forms of expression in the world. Because of its versatility and adaptability the practice of building, designing, and animating a work of art is ever more accessible to more and more people around the globe. Stop Motion Magazine strives to spread the knowledge and empower more and more people by providing them with the know how and behind the scenes industry looks at how animation is done around the world. As part of this exploration and celebration of the art form we are offering a FREE DOWNLOAD of one of our issues each year.

This years issue is #30 the EARLY MAN issue. We go behind the scenes to talk to Nick Park at Aardman where he fills us in about how he thought up and made the film at Aardman. We talk about his techniques for directing his artists and crew. We also talk to the animation directors of the film who bring us closer to understanding their practices in animation.

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Hot Wheels City

Hot Wheels City

Lets face it, those little race cars we all used to play with when we were kids were pretty awesome toys. With tracks spiraling off the coffee table and cars launching into destructive explosions of wood blocks and paper cups. Hot Wheels was and still is a hot toy. Luckily you can never get too old for Hot Wheels and this is ever so much more evident in the web series Hot Wheels City. This very popular web series found on YouTube is attracting the attention of a toy car fan base in the millions. The short films are produced at Ancient Order of the Wooden Skull Studios and directed by non-other than Hell and Back director Ross Shuman. Each episode is shot with the iPhone using Dragonframe Tether and the magic really happens at this real world small scale level with actual Hot Wheels and 3D printed characters. Dragonframe recently did a write up about the project and you can find the link to their blog here: LINK.

Checkout the first episode below.

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House Without A Ceiling – Music Video

House Without A Ceiling – Music Video

The music for this video animated by Julie Harley brings you right into the story of some strange astronaut falling through a trippy swirling clay and digital painted environment only to end up in a psycho alien race to the death while some evil lizard alien tentatively watches as the astronaut races ever closer to his doom.

Okay maybe we read to much into the music video artistry and came up with out own interpretation, but the video definitely gets your imagination juices flowing. This far out psychedelic video is both fun and full of groove. Check it out below.

House Without A Ceiling (OFFICIAL VIDEO) from Julia Harley on Vimeo.



LAIKA Studios that powerhouse of stop motion greatness has officially announced the title of it’s next film starring Zoe Saldana, Hugh Jackman, and Zach Galifianakis. The film titled MISSING LINK has a Spring 2019 release date and has been described as a globe trotting adventure. This film is anticipated to be one of the largest in scope for LAIKA which means lots and lots of locations. LAIKA has also released its first image of the film which features a Big Foot type character seemingly shooshing the audience from behind a tree. OH MAN THIS IS GOING TO BE GREAT!!!

To give you the full explanation and all the goods associated with the film we’ve included the press release below for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

[Cannes, France; May 8, 2018] – LAIKA, the animation studio behind the Academy Award® nominated Kubo and the Two Strings, The Boxtrolls, ParaNorman, andCoraline, announces its fifth and most ambitious film to date: MISSING LINK. The title, U.S. release date (Spring, 2019) and complete cast details were revealed today by LAIKA President & CEO Travis Knight as he prepares to meet with foreign buyers at the Cannes Film Festival. Missing Link will be distributed in the U.S. by Annapurna Pictures. AGC International, the sales and distribution division of AGC Studios, is handling international sales.

Missing Link is an artistic and technical wonder,” said Mr. Knight. “Led by our visionary director Chris Butler, LAIKA has once again blended fine art, craftsmanship, and cutting-edge technology to achieve something we’ve never tried before: a raucous comedy entwined with a swashbuckling epic, underscoring the universal need to find belonging. Commingling keenly felt emotion, madcap humor, and retina-bursting visuals, Missing Link is a kaleidoscopic cinematic experience unlike any other. It’s the most striking thing we’ve ever done.”

The charismatic Sir Lionel Frost (voiced by Hugh Jackman) considers himself to be the world’s foremost investigator of myths and monsters. The trouble is none of his small-minded high-society peers seems to recognize this. Sir Lionel’s last chance for acceptance by the adventuring elite rests on traveling to America’s Pacific Northwest to prove the existence of a legendary creature. A living remnant of Man’s primitive ancestry. The Missing Link.

Zach Galifianakis is Mr. Link: the slightly silly, surprisingly smart and soulful beast upon whom Sir Lionel’s dreams depend. As species go, he’s as endangered as they get; he’s the last of his kind, and he’s lonely. Proposing a daring quest to seek out his rumored distant relatives, he enlists Sir Lionel’s help in an odyssey around the world to find the fabled valley of Shangri-La.

Together with Adelina Fortnight (voiced by Zoe Saldana), an independent and resourceful adventurer who possesses the only known map to the group’s secret destination, the unlikely trio embarks on a riotous rollercoaster of a ride. Along the way, our fearless explorers encounter more than their fair share of peril, stalked at every turn by dastardly villains seeking to thwart their mission. Through it all, Mr. Link’s disarming charm and good-humored conviction provide the emotional and comedic foundation of this fun-filled family film.  

Bursting with humor, heart, and a profound message of acceptance and finding one’s place, Missing Link is written and directed by Oscar® nominee Chris Butler (ParaNorman). LAIKA’s head of production and Oscar® nominee Arianne Sutner (ParaNorman, Kubo and the Two Strings) is producing with Mr. Knight, who earned an Academy Award® nomination and BAFTA win for his directorial debut on Kubo.

“It was a constant source of delight to witness how our game and captivating cast imbued these larger- than- life characters with distinct personality,” said writer/director Chris Butler. “Hugh lends Sir Lionel a giddy schoolboy enthusiasm bubbling beneath the surface of his suave English gent; Zoe brings an unflappable ardor and a witty playfulness to Adelina, and Zach’s performance as Link is not only laugh-out-loud funny, but a beautifully nuanced balance of innocence and vulnerability. It was a treat to be able to join this eclectic gang of adventurers on their journey across the world.”

In addition to Jackman, Saldana and Galifianakis, the estimable voice cast boasts a roster of internationally renowned and award-winning actors from all corners of the world. Oscar® winner Emma Thompson (Sense and Sensibility), Stephen Fry (The Hobbit), Timothy Olyphant (Justified), Matt Lucas (Alice In Wonderland), David Walliams (Little Britain), Amrita Acharia (Game of Thrones) and Ching Valdes-Aran (Nurse Jackie) bring their extraordinary talents to this globe-trotting spectacle.  

“It’s only now with our fifth film that as a team we have the experience, the know-how and the collaborative confidence to even attempt a movie of this size and scope,” said producer Arianne Sutner. “We created 110 sets with 65 unique locations to achieve the film’s scale, majesty and geographic beauty.  I couldn’t be more in awe of our LAIKA crew members. Their endless reserves of imagination were pushed to the limit during the production of this ambitious movie, and we ended up soaring past those limits.”


The Transformers Season 1 Intro Remade in Stop Motion

The Transformers Season 1 Intro Remade in Stop Motion.

Transformers that amazing television series / toys that have evolved considerably from it’s birth in the 80’s. It’s such a cult favorite that now there are individuals reproducing the intros and television bumpers in STOP MOTION! GI Joe and the varied Batman versus Joker stop motion toys animation has been very popular on the You Tubes, but now there’s some competition for the slickest looking stop motion reproduction of a cartoon series. I would say this TRANSFORMERS collaboration between YouTube channels The Lazy Eyebrow Reviewer and Optimus Timelord’s channel Masterpiece ReAnimated is a fun throwback to those days of old when toys were either super high quality straight from Japan or were a U.S. cheap reproduction. Don’t get me wrong, those U.S. Hasbro action figures were SICK and you can definitely see the quality of those toys in these videos. The Transformers Season 1 Intro Remade in Stop Motion is awesome. The total level of care to match the action figures to the 2D animated original is near perfection. I also like the fact that the backgrounds were kept in many of the shots, but it’s good to see some hand made elements as well in the short piece.

There’s a really good write up about this animation with some further examples over on the Nerdist website. Check it out here: LINK

Nobel 1.0 / XYZ Printing / 1 Year Review

Nobel 1.0 / XYZ Printing / 1 Year Review

Stop Motion Magazine’s John Ikuma gives an unscripted review of the Nobel 1.0 3D printer made by XYZ Printing. This review is given after one year of full and heavy use utilizing the many different features of the Nobel 1.0 printer. John has printed over 200 objects on the printer and discusses the printers good and bad along with some tips on how to get that perfect print.

Watch the video below.