Character’s Expressions without using the Face Expressions: Jackson vs Bean by Patrick Boivin


How can  animators show audiences their puppet’s feelings/emotions without using the face expressions? Here is the very great example stop-motion film, Jackson vs Bean. A French Canadian filmmaker, Patrick Boivin, created this unique stop-motion film. Patrick used Michel Jackson and Mr. Beans’ figures and animated their hilarious competition. You can feel serious tensions between these two superstars. Patrick had well done to animate these figures’ expressions because these superstars show their expressions and personalities by their body movements only. Since Patrick decided to use these ‘already-made figures’, the face expressions are not able to change as clay puppets. However, it is great that Patrick chose these two famous superstars for this film because both of them has very strong characteristics – Michel is well known as his dance style and Bean is well known as clumsy and funny body languages. Animating their characteristic movements with these ‘alredy-made figures’ helps viewers to enjoy watching this stop-motion film.


Please watch Jackson vs Bean by Patrick Boivin

Jackson vs Bean from Patrick Boivin on Vimeo.


Patrick Boivin’s Vimeo page