Chocolate Zoetrope: Penguin Chocolate Attraction


Here is a mind browning video of the chocolate illusion. This YouTube video published couple years ago, yet the views still increase. Audiences often amazed when they watch incredible CGI videos. This video is not showing these futuristic stuffs, but it still makes you feel amazed. It’s very classic and simple.

You can see this spinning chocolate illusion at the Philip Island Chocolate Factory in Australia. If you are chocolate lover, you should definitely visit there. You can taste and smell of yummy chocolate but not just that. Please check this cool art that made by chocolate. It titled Penguin chocolate attraction, and a creative company, Megafun, designed it. They used total 120 different parts for this illusion cake, and these parts are beautifully harmonized and show you amazing movement when the wheel spins200_s

This motion illusion uses a technique called “Zoetropes”, and it means “wheels of life” in Greek. According to the website, it explains, “Zoetrope is an animated vintage Victorian toy that was originally developed in 1830s by William George Horner.” The first zoetrope appeared in England in the 1830’s, then France in the 1860’s, and finally it introduced in the US in 1867. You can see a zoetrope in one of scenes from the film The Woman In Black (2012).


Please check this chocolate zoetrotope below the link.


(Video) Penguin chocolate attraction


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