This Music Video has used Beautiful Claymation


We just had introduced ‘Les Claypool’s amazing stop-motion animated music video, Bubbles Burst ( in our recent article. Here is another stop-motion animated music video named Beezlebub by ‘Beats Antique ft. Les Claypool’. It was directed by Ivan Landau, and animated by Webster Colcord. It filmed at a production studio Shadow Machine ( Compared with Bubbles Burst’s Michael and Bubbles’ fantasy story, this one shows a horror themed story and whole music video was created by Claymation.



In the music video, it keeps showing the clay creatures/objects beautifully transform to other shapes. You will see a white ghost looking character becomes a tree-made monster, a chair becomes a cobra, a monster butterfly becomes a wavy monster, and more! I really like that we can see the fingerprints in the clays that tells us ‘a real animation’ which CGI cannot create it. Some people may prefer perfectly clean and smooth texture, but I can feel the fingerprints tell us the animators’ efforts and passions towards their artwork. Claymation has become forgotten technique to create animation today since many people attract by CGI. You see most of the music videos, commercials, and films are done by computer animation software today, yet this music video can bring you back an excitement of an animation. Claymation is absolutely attractive animation medium still today! Please enjoy this amazing Claymation music video, Beelzebub by ‘Beats Antique ft. Les Claypool’.




‪Music Video: Beezlebub by ‘Beats Antique ft. Les Claypool’

Beats Antique “Beelzebub” (feat. Les Claypool) from Beats Antique on Vimeo.