Create Your Minecraft Movie with ‘Minecraft Stop-Motion Movie Creator’!


Here is a fun video from a YouTube channel: 2EpicKidsTV, and Hayden excitingly explains about the toy, ‘Minecraft Stop-Motion Movie Creator’. You can create 1-of-a-kind movies using this amazing kit! Inspired by the online community, this authentic playset comes with 15 props and four mini-figures, 3 of which are exclusive to this set, to make your own Minecraft story come to life. Choose from 1 of 4 iconic backgrounds to set the stage and use the mini-figures and accessories to set up your scene. You can download the mobile app (free!) and animate in three easy steps. Swap out the background cards, props and environment pieces for endless storytelling possibilities. Use the app to create and edit your movies!

‘Minecraft Stop-Motion Movie Creator Kit + My Minecraft Movie!’ by 2EpicKidsTV