Cute Clay Puppets Transform Man, a Duck and Vampire from a Rabbit: “I am a…” by Andy Martin


An animator, Andy Martin, asks questions through his animation. -“Who are you? What is the image you want to project? How will the artist manipulate it?” You see a cute clay-made rabbit transforms man, a duck, and a vampire. Andy also made this music for the video, and you listen to beautiful instruments’ sounds while you are watching this animation. The puppet is made of clay, but we can see the face parts and some accessories are illustrated by the computer. Andy created this stop-motion film for Character Portrait Exhibition 2014 of a contemporary character design and art organization called ‘Pictoplasma’. This film music also created by Andy. Please check Andy’s cute stop-motion animation short, “Pictoplasma”.



“I am a…” by Andy Martin


“I am a…” from Handymartian on Vimeo.

“I am a…” from Handymartian on Vimeo.



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