Feathers by Hands on Deck


This stop-motion animated short film; Feathers, was directed by “Hands On Deck” which is an art student group from the Sheridan College in Canada. Hands On Deck consists the nine students; Christine Le, Sarah Stefanon, Melissa Chin, Jacob MacMillan, Sarah Kieley, Anita Yen, Eustace Ng, Lilja Hlin H. Pйturs and Mellisa Gabric. As you see Kieley’s website, the student made six teams to do different tasks for making the film. The teams are design, props, puppet, costume, storyboard, and photography. The project managers are Kieley and Ng.


The story; Feathers, starts the main character, the child named Tori, becomes a bird little by little for some reasons. His mother is worried about this unexpected situation. She feels sad that her child will no longer same look as used to be. She decides taking Tori a hospital and tries to prevent the mysterious happening. In the process of the investigating and medical treatment by the doctor, she realizes Tori goes through unnecessary treatments because of her unaccepted feeling. She feels guilty after that and accepts the fact gradually…



In this film, you see both characters and sets’ designs are beautifully done. Please check one of the project manager; Kieley’s official website. She introduces the post-production process of this film. All illustrations are nicely organic-concepts also they are soften colors. This film is selected for participating ‘Academic Short Film Competition’ of Festival Stop Motion Montréal this September. Please watch these talented studens’ beautiful collaboration; Featers, from below link.



Feathers by Hands On Deck – http://enroute.aircanada.com/en/articles/feathers

Shots from “Feathers” from Eustace Ng on Vimeo.


Sarah Kieley’s official website



Festival Stop Motion Montréal – The list of Academic Short Film Competition