This Ford’s Paper Crafted Ad – A Story of Electricity by Brad Jendza


Please check this organic-feel paper crafted ad of the Ford Motor Company. This handmade commercial directed by Brad Jendza. This video introduces the earth friendly car, Ford’s Electric Vehicle which helps lower carbon emissions. In his official website, Brad explains, “The material we chose to tell the story is organic, hand-made paper to show a vibrant world that these vehicles can inhabit, bringing home the message of sustainability. Also, a series of animated gifs were created for social media platforms, designed to instruct current EV owners on proper charging etiquette. ” It’s a good idea that Brad decided to use paper in this video because the texture perfectly much with the concept. I think it nicely expresses kind and soft feeling. If we see CGI in the video, it probably won’t be success as much as using papers.



All paper objects are beautifully done, yet my favorite is the paper made cars. The paper creates nice carves on the car bodies, and I appreciate to see each small details. I also like Brad decided to use paper for the all texts in the ad. He could create the texts digitally, but he chose to use paper because he is particular about the organic concept for the ad. I believe that is very important when artist creates an artwork. They can be a picky and perfectionists, but I think that creates beautiful artwork. Please watch Brad’s Ford ad – A Story of Electricity from below link.


A Story of Electricity by Brad Jendza –

Brad Jendza’s website –