FREE Issue of Stop Motion Magazine! Issue #30


STOP MOTION ANIMATION is one of the most popular forms of expression in the world. Because of its versatility and adaptability the practice of building, designing, and animating a work of art is ever more accessible to more and more people around the globe. Stop Motion Magazine strives to spread the knowledge and empower more and more people by providing them with the know how and behind the scenes industry looks at how animation is done around the world. As part of this exploration and celebration of the art form we are offering a FREE DOWNLOAD of one of our issues each year.

This years issue is #30 the EARLY MAN issue. We go behind the scenes to talk to Nick Park at Aardman where he fills us in about how he thought up and made the film at Aardman. We talk about his techniques for directing his artists and crew. We also talk to the animation directors of the film who bring us closer to understanding their practices in animation.

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