George Armature – Interview


The George Armature designed by Stefano Angelini and Stefano Totti has just cleared and surpassed its fundraising campaign on Kick Starter. What makes this armature unique is the carbon fiber material which serves as the plates for the ball in socket armature design. We sent out some questions to the guys over at Stop Motion Engineering to find out more about the armature and the design. Check it out below.

SMM: How did the concept of the George Armature come into being?

Stefano: The idea of developing the GEORGE® project is born by two people with different professions but united by a passion for animation cinema with the Stop Motion technique: Angelini Stefano from Rimini (Italy), Designer, has worked for over 20 years in the fashion industry, alongside famous fashion designers all over the world; Stefano Totti Mechanical Engineer from San Giovanni in Persiceto (Italy), twenty years experience in the world of mechanical power transmissions.

The first studies to create a very innovative professional product began in the first few months of 2015 and immediately focused on a material that had not yet been applied in the animation sector: CARBON FIBER, lightweight but hard material Non-deformable with high resistance to weight, superior to any metal alloy.

SMM: What’s different about the George Armature design compared to other armature designs?

Stefano: GEORGE® as mentioned above, was born as a highly technological and innovative project. The materials used, the technique and bonding technology, mediated by the aeronautical sector; The design and introduction of some unusual technical articulation solutions are a distinctive feature and synonymous with great applied research.

We have focused on a modular design capable of generating “infinity” combinations that make the armature simple and basic complex and articulated for the most demanding applications. For example we have designed three different chest designs interchangeable with each other; Two different “hands” made of aluminum, and a carbon hand they can also be interchangeable with a simple “turn of life”. Another example that differentiates GEORGE® from other commercial armature is our quick forearm on the forearm; Is made of full stainless steel block with CNC machine on our exclusive design. These details give GEORGE® the exclusive GEORGE’S DESIGN.

We believe that the strategic choice of relying on a fully composite structure is the ultimate technological expression available today in the stop-motion armature sector. The soft notes of this Lightweight material and mechanical strength have been the basis for developing an absolutely unconventional armor in which these peculiarities are combined with quality and reliability over time. Last but not least the aesthetics, the natural carbon fiber finish delivers a very high technical and qualitative feel that highlights the great sophistication and quality of the project / product.

SMM: What were some of the challenges when developing the design for the George Armature?

Stefano: A particular challenge was the solution for the gluing of carbon and stainless steel parts (carbon fiber can not be welded). After numerous tests of various glues and polymerisation processes, we decided to adopt a material used in the aeronautical section along with hot chamber polymerisation. This proprietary technology permits secure, highly resistant and long-life connections that are perfect for demanding professional use..

SMM: Are the George Armatures customizable?

Stefano: As we said earlier, GEORGE® is made up of modular components, so extremely customizable.

GEORGE® is available in different versions. The lightest and simplest (KIT-L) is completely made from carbon fibre, with the obvious exception of the joint spheres and nuts and bolts. In the most accessorised version (BLACK SPECIAL), features rapid hand and feet attachments in stainless steel, limb stems in hardened steel, larger diameter joint spheres and aluminium hands in a carbon fiber structure.

SMM: Can you bake foam latex with the George Armature inside of it?

Stefano: Sure; we tested the GEORGE® armatures up to a temperature of 250 degrees Fahrenheit without any problems.

SMM: What are some of your favorite armature designs?

Stefano: Initially we focused on the design of human body armature, developing 2 master sizes: 12 “and 10”. The modularity of the components allows us to realize any armor thief, animal structures, fantastic figures, reptiles, aracnids, the limit becomes only fantasy.

SMM: How does carbon fiber compare to steel when it comes to armature design?

Stefano: Carbon Fiber is a highly technological material, unnecessary to remember its massive use in motor sports, aeronautics (construction of structural components for civil aircraft and not only sports), high-end series cars, and always More present also in the field of automatic machines. Basically in all those applications where great mechanical performance and lightness are required. An already heavy weight armature negatively affects the correct mobility of the same, by loading the joints, the stiffness of the bars combined with the lightness generates a lightweight armor that can withstand higher volumes and weights of the materials that will cover it.

SMM: What’s next for the George Armature?

Stefano: Carbon fiber is a very expensive material, and for this reason we are designing a GEORGE® stainless steel upgrade with very high rigidity and strength, less expensive than carbon fiber.

It will also be this modular version and the parts will be interchanged with carbon fiber parts so that everyone can build his GEORGE® steel or steel with carbon fiber parts. But we still do not want to reveal anything else about design.

Now GEORGE® has a standard size of 25 cm and 30 cm customizable from 20 cm to 35 cm.

GEORGE® is just the first armature we have made, starting from the idea of a skeleton for the human body, but we can make any type of armature both in shapes and sizes, using our standard components or realizing new specifications. Now, for example, we are designing a completely special armature, which is about 80 cm in size.

SMM: Where can people interested in the George Armature findout more about it and be able to buy it?

Stefano: We have our web site continuous updating;

Our facebook page

Next autumn we will start a new crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter where we will present in addition to our GEORGE® carbon fiber reinforcements, the new GEORGE® hard steel reinforcements.

Follow us !! GEORGE® is always evolving, and contact us for every special armatures request!

Stefano Angelini

Stefano Totti