Glow Forge 3D Laser


GlowForge the 3D Laser Printer is one of the coolest looking toys to recently be unveiled for Pre-order to an awaiting artsy crowd of laser cut fans. We’ve seen many other laser cutters out there. Many coming from China at low prices and some from the US and UK which are very pricey. In terms a cost, this laser cutter comes in at roughly $1995 US which in terms of cost for such a device is still in the upper middle range. Definitely an investment if you are looking for a precise laser that can etch, burn and cut many types of materials. Now given that this is a 40w and 45w laser, If you compare with a C02 laser which can cut metal. The Glow Forge is limited to certain types of wood for cutting, it definitely can cut paper and cardboard, but you won’t be getting it to cut metal anytime soon. Something to consider if you want to have a cheaper alternative is to look into MR.BEAM ( which has a more cost effective solution but is more for the DIY individual. Check out the Glow Forge site at and have a peek at their video below.