Is LAIKA’s next film OMNIVERSE?


Is LAIKA’s next film OMNIVERSE?

Rumor has it that LAIKA the Portland based stop motion studio that has produced hits like Coraline and the Box Trolls has set a date, name, and director for the film. Now let me first state that this is all rumor, speculation, and has no verification for LAIKA themselves. This rumor started purely by chance from someone on Facebook who asked the question “is OMNIVERSE LAIKA’s next film?”. Hmmm… Is it?

According to the LAIKA Wikia and LAIKA’s IMDB Pro account there is actually a few films on the books. The first one to really take note of is only found on LAIKA Wikia and is being scheduled to be released February 1, 2019 and titled Omniverse. This mystery film is also listed on as being directed by Little Prince director Mark Osborne. If this rumor is true then we can expect something outstanding and amazing. (No pressure Mark, we just believe in you). The other films are listed on both the LAIKA Wikia and LAIKA’s IMDB Pro page. The two films are Wildwood and Goblins. Wildwood is described as “The adventures of Prue McKeel as she sets off to the forests outside Portlandia to find her kidnapped brother.” and Goblins is described as “When a clever young goblin learns he is on the wrong side of history — part of a evil overlord’s army — he is cast out of his castle, where he encounters a ragtag group of wizards, giants, princesses, and other fantastical creatures”. Okay our curiosity is peaked!!! There’s a mention of a film listed as Little White Lie, but no further information could be found on this film. Could it be the working title of Omniverse? And to make things even more interesting there is a listing of Paranorman being optioned as a television series!!! Oh man, I’m dying… Lets hope they keep it with in the stop motion universe, but 2D would still be cool.

Once again, none of this has been announced by LAIKA or Focus or anyone tied to the films or company, though the IMDB Pro lists it as “announced” for Wildwood and Goblins. So this is just rumor. Oh, but what a fun one it is!

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