ISLE OF DOGS / Making of: Puppets


ISLE OF DOGS / Making of: Puppets.

Wes Andrsons latest film ISLE OF DOGS has some of the most beautiful puppets ever made. The level of detail and shear scale at which this film is produced is truly staggering. The puppet builders made hundreds upon hundreds of characters and all by hand. The replacement faces weren’t 3D printed, they were sculpted by hand and then molded to make multiple copies for duplicating puppets. Fox Searchlight gives us a very special behind the scenes of the puppet making process in this video. What strikes me right off the bat is the type of non-colored clay they are using which is probably a plasticine and the beautiful urethane molds that they are injecting silicone into. The costumes and the hair are also mind boggling feats of craftsmanship. Definitely give this video a watch below.