It’s Like a Magic Show! Animated Tissue Paper


Here is an amazing paper crafted stop-motion commercial that was on-air in Japan. It was for a Japanese tissue manufacture named Nepia’s commercial, and the commercial created by mainly the three artists; Hitoshi Sato, Fuyu Arai, Motoki Ohno from Dents Inc. The three talented artists and the designers, crafters, photographers, editors, and other specialists teamed up for creating this tissue paper animation. You know this kind of art will take a long time to complete. Taking a photo one by one frames and moving a tissue-puppets accurately. The thousands of photos conbined then edited it for creating one film. This animated tissue paper commercial make you feel like a watching magic show!




It shows simple tissue papers beautifully transformed handmade crafted animals/objects. You may have seen some Origami stop-motion videos before. This commercial used similar techniques, yet tissue paper texture is much softer than origami paper. Therefore, the artists used skills of twisting and tearing with the tissues. Using these soft papers for this stop-motion commercial is a brilliant idea to emphasize fluent movements because the movements are smoother than using hard texture papers. For example, the tissue paper crafted snake moves very smooth in the video because the flexibility of the paper beautifully expresses the waving. Tissue paper allows the dynamic movements of the each animal, and it’s enjoyable to watch this video.



Please check this hand crafted animated tissue paper commercial, Amazing Origami Art Animation. The making video is also interesting to watch.


Amazing Origami Art Animation

Tissue Animals -Making Movie- (sepia)-