James Pollitt’s Jim Henson Tribute


James Pollitt created this beautiful stop motion short for the legendary puppeteer, Jim Henson’s 80th birthday. The world famous frog puppet, Kermit, appears in this short film. Most of you recognize the frog puppet, Kermit, which originally designed by Henson for his TV shows; Sesame Street and The Muppet Show. Kermit became famous all over the world today, and you see him ads, TV commercials, and etc. A celebrity, Kermit, is known as the icon of Jim Henson.



Please pay attention the puppet’s materials. What are they made from? It’s not made by clay or silicones. You somehow may feel kindly feeling from these materials. In Jim’s Vimeo account, he explains, “I made a stop-motion ‘Jim Henson’ from wine-corks, wood and paper. I was inspired by my friend and puppet maker Jamie Marks who is The Muppets’ biggest fan, so I asked him to make a ‘mini Kermit’ and add the vocals.” This mini-Kermit looks perfect quality also the handmade-Henson puppet is beautifully done. I also love the puppet’s costumes that tell James explains about Henson visually.


This short warms our hearts and makes you smile. Enjoy this beautiful short that is by James Pollitt and his team.

Jim Henson Tribute by James Pollitt – https://vimeo.com/183098176

James Pollitt’s Vimeo account – https://vimeo.com/bitzanimation

Jamie Marks’ official website – http://jamaniace.wixsite.com/jm-puppets