John Clark Matthews’ The Adventures of Curious George (1982)


Many of you have seen Curious George on 2D animation/children book, but have you seen stop-motion animated version? The stop-motion film was directed by John Clark Matthews and written by Margret Rey and H.A. Rey. The production company is Churchill Films in the USA. In The Adventures of Curious George (1982), it contains two stop-motion animated episodes, ‘Curious George’ and ‘Curious George Goes to the Hospital’. Both of stories are very cute, and I enjoyed the face/body expressions. These expressions are very clear and fun to watch.8aa7441a390ef3c57a2c3d9cb7cc7a582603cbb9d9e8e6a6e13a9436c51a688e_large



The each episode takes about 15 minutes to watch, so the total film length of Curious George (1982) is about 30 minutes. It means the team spent very long time to complete these stop-motion animated episodes. In addition, you see multiple puppets in the film. The team had to animate each puppet for flame-by-flame. It’s not just one or two. I see more than five puppets in Curious George Goes to the Hospital. Very incredible!hqdefault4

John Clark Matthews is known as one of the legendary stop-motion animator/Filmmaker. He created many stop-motion films. I think His Frog and Toad stop-motion animated series are remarkable beside Curious George (1982). Matthews is also a musician and worked for music of his Curious George with his team. This film received various awards including Ottawa International Animation Festival, 1986. Please watch this charming story and beautiful stop-motion animated film by John Clark Matthews.


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