Mini Donuts 1/6th Scale!!!


There are many things in life that are enjoyable, but very few come close to the sugary sweet taste of a fresh warm donut. Now what if I told you that someone makes donuts that your 1/6th scale stop motion puppet can hold and that they are also edible as well!!! Huh, what would you say?!?! OMG! A Youtuber under the name Mimine has done something we all tend to struggle with and thats making small scale food. Of course ours aren’t edible and are made from plastic or clay, but Mimine makes all of this look easy. This South Korean artist shows us step by step the whole process and will have you on the edge of your seat just waitin to see whats next. She also makes the boxes and props used to make the donuts. Not only that but she makes other foods at a 1/6th scale!!! You should check out the various videos which can be found on her Youtube channel. (