My Strange Grandfather


Blowing across the tops of the empty bottles, like you’re playing a flute. Moscow animator filmmaker, Dina Velikovskaya’s stop-motion animated short film; My Strange Grandfather brings back your lovely childhood memories. Dina graduated from Russian State University of Cinematography (VGIK) in 2011. Dina had an interview by Micheal Bobrowski and says, the stop-motion has become “forgotten” medium to create animation films in Russia, and she believes many Russian filmmakers think stop-motion is “not contemporary now”. Dina explains she could not get much help when she created this film because many people do not have knowledge of stop-motion animation; however, she taught herself to make the puppets that come to life in her poetic short film.


Please watch the video of My Strange Grandfather by Dina Velikovskaya



Interview with Dina Velikovskaya by Michel Bobrowski, Animateka 2012