Pos Eso – Feature Film 2014


Pos Eso the adult stop motion feature film released in 2014 somehow passed under the radar here in the United States. This film which seems to pay tribute to the old clay Wallace and Grommit style of animation shocking eye candy. There is a lot of violence in the film, I mean a lot, and some nudity. But we can only tell this from the trailer and still images.

fotograma 07 benemerita

Here’s the Synopsis of the film.

“Since the death of her husband, the great bullfighter Gregorio, in a domestic accident, Trini, the worldfamous flamenco dancer, has been deeply depressed and has abandoned the stage. To make matters worse, her son Damian’s rebelliousness has begun to border on dementia. Doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists are all unable to explain the child’s worsening behaviour. Eventually the only possible explanation is a supernatural one.

At this juncture, Trini gets in contact with Father Lenin, a defrocked priest who is suffering his own crisis of faith. As all signs indicate it is the only hope of restoring peace to this shattered family.”

fotograma 03 lenin

The Company that made the film Basque Films and Conflictivos Productions did a beautiful job of producing the film. It’s obvious that this was a labor of love type of project and they put a great deal of thought into each frame. Have a look at the trailer below. Visit the website to find out more. http://www.poseso.com/en.html


Trailer POS ESO (en) from Basque Films on Vimeo.