Professional 2D Animation Software ‘OpenToonz’ offers Free Download!


How many times have you wish if animation software is less price than now, or you wish can download them for free? Young animators are often struggling to buy animation software because it is usually over budget. Animation software is the one of pricey art tools in the market. You may look for free software from online, yet it is not rare that if the software has a bad quality. You can download free trial versions from some animation software’s official website, but you can use the software only for a certain period of time. Some software companies offer student price, yet it is still expensive.

Here is great news for 2D animators! A software company called GitHub offers free 2D animation software, ‘OpenToonz’. This free software is based on the software called ‘Toonz’. OpenToonz is great for making cartoons, and it can be used by anyone free cost, no matter whether the purpose of use commercial or not. Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli has been used for creating their movies. According to OpenToon’s official website, it explains, “Since the software ‘Toonz’, which is the original version of OpenToonz, was first used for some cuts of Princess Mononoke, it has been used in the ink and paint, color design and digital composition process of almost all of works of Studio Ghibli. After Arrietty/The Secret World of Arrietty, it was customized inside the company, and evolved to become more usable according to its production style.” Please download it this professional 2d animation software, and it is free!


Free 2D animation software: OpenToonz