Radiohead – Burn The Witch (Music Video)


Radiohead recently wiped clean any and all past posts on social media, they shutdown their website and basically disappeared from the earth and then early this morning a mysterious music video popped up on their YouTube Channel. Burn the Witch is a clay animated music video that harkens back to the old 60’s style Gumby animation from old. The music is melodic and discordant at times building to an eerie mass of sound and flow. The video on the other hand is from what we can gather a story about a taxman/banker whom has come to inspect the town and possibly collect taxes. As he is escorted through the town by someone who seems to be the major, he finds all sorts of anti witchcraft devices which have been placed into retirement or repurposed for something else. Like the witch dunking device has turned into a seesaw. As they explore deeper and deeper into the town the taxman shows a little concern for whats going on. The town finally gathers together and shows him a great statue made out of wood. He climbs into it and the Major turns out to be a Warlock whom locks the Taxman in the wooden statue and the villagers set the statue on fire. The whole village then turns to the camera and waves at the audience as the camera pushes away as if we the viewer are what they were worshiping the whole time. Trippy is the least you can say about it. So whats next for Radiohead? Well we do know that they are planning on releasing a new album soon and like usual their marketing strategy is outstanding. I guess we’ll have to stay tuned to see whats going to happen. Checkout the video below.


RH_Burn_Witch_002 RH_Burn_Witch_003 RH_Burn_Witch_004 RH_Burn_Witch_005 RH_Burn_Witch_006 RH_Burn_Witch_007