Ring Around the Mulberry Bush – Indy Short


Ring Around the Mulberry Bush is a short film directed by Nicholas D’Agostino. This film is a touch of the unique in it breath between the movement. It’s not very often that you watch a short film and the dialogue and beats are so well choreographed. The charm of a film noir style along with the very real story line makes this a great film to watch for you intellectual types. I won’t dive to deep into the story as to let you discover for yourself what magic is it be found in this film. I will however hint to you that the dialog is between a woman of the night and a disfigured individual. Check out the short and be sure to checkout the behind the scenes interview we have with Nicholas D’Agostino director of the film Ring Around the Mulberry Bush in Issue 26 of Stop Motion Magazine.


Ring Around the Mulberry Bush from Pox Films Inc. on Vimeo.