Go Rogue – Official Star Wars Toy Film


Star Wars is of course the biggest film series of all time. With the amount of money Disney is pumping into the franchise it is absolutely amazing that despite the amount of corporate influence this series is getting that I can’t help but get a little bit more and more excited about the upcoming films that are on the horizon (but no Obe One Kenobe film… Sad face….). The toys the movie and put them together with a sprinkle of humor and you get Go Rogue, a fun and entertaining toy romp through the world of Star Wars. This fun series of videos is of course a promotional production for the toys and the upcoming movie along with the Franchise as a whole, but what you might not know is that both Tucker and Dan McKenzie are some top notch animators and this work with their team of stop motion bad asses produced a great production. SPOILER – The 4th video is made entirely of LEGO’s and there’s a great behind the scenes link at the bottom of this post. Checkout the series below.

Behind the Scenes