Shawn the Sheep the Movie – DVD/BluRay Review


Shaun the Sheep Movie DVD-Bulu Ray Review

Aardman earlier this year released to many excited fans their latest film Shaun the Sheep the Movie which received huge accolades from many a critic across the globe. So when we were contact about reviewing the DVD-Blu Ray release we could not refuse. First lets start with the fact that Aardman is one of the longest running successful stop motion animation studios in the world. From Chevron Commercials to Wallace and Grommit films they are absolutely one the the best in the field. Shaun the Sheep just so happens to fall into that category of beautifully designed and animated productions that has a rich history in children’s entertainment having won numerous awards. One of the best aspects of Shaun the Sheep is the minimalist nature that the production takes. There is very little dialogue in the television series so its just a pleasure to be reassured that the movie holds so true to the tv show. Shaun the little woolen hero of the film goes through his normal day to day. When one day he decides to take a day off without the farmer knowing. This of course ends up in chaos and hilarity ensues. The release of the DVD-Blue Ray also comes with a downloadable version as well. This makes the purchase of the film well worth it. Just don’t accidentally throw your download code away like my little ones did…. Ooops…..

Overall we loved this film and have so far watched it numerous times at home and on he road. You can purchase the DVD-Blu Ray at your local retailer or order it online. Be sure to checkout the trailer below.