Stop Motion Magazine Fundraiser on Kick Starter


So this little publication has come to a point where we need to take things to the next level. Since 2009 SMM has been providing the world with a publication dedicated to the art of Stop Motion Animation, and over the years we’ve produced many awesome issues focused on all the behind the scenes stuff in the industry that we could find. A couple of years ago I started working on the award winning Amazon Prime show Tumble Leaf as the Lead VFX Artist. I quickly realized that the magazine and the day job were going to conflict with each other and I made the announcement that there would be no new print issues available. I did how ever release a handful over the course of production with the intent to step things up after season 1 was done on Tumble Leaf. Then Season 2 happened and oh boy was there no way to get issues published.

Then a funny thing happened. I realized the magazine had been a free publication and Stop Motion Magazine was not officially a business. All the things that were done on the magazine were done in my free time when I was freelancing as a VFX Artist / Animator in Hollywood. I also started to meet writers in the publishing field and people whom wanted to help with making the magazine. So it feels like the right time currently to push and make publishing this little magazine a full fledged business endeavor. So here’s the deal. I’ve started a Kick Starter fundraising campaign to bring revenue into the magazine. This funding will be used to hire writers, layout designers, and cover all the costs of printing and mailing magazine issues. The production costs will then be handled by our readers and their contributions will keep us alive. At least that is in theory. The campaign is scheduled for a 60 day run with a goal of $10,000 (US) and if everything goes well we will have the funding to make issues 4 times a year. If we don’t make our goal we will just produce the website and videos on our YouTube Channel.

There are a couple of prizes besides the print issues like stickers and a t-shirt, but our main focus is on Issues. I want to provide the community and world with a top notch magazine filled to the brim with everything animation related. So really we need your help to do this. Checkout our fundraising campaign on Kick Starter and help us make an awesome magazine.