Studio Flox Showreel: Good Story Telling



A filmmaking production Studio Flox in Germany created their show reel. There are multiple stop-motion videos in a 50 seconds-reel including some live-actions. It’s not just puppets. Different kinds of things appear in the video such as live chicken, cave man, paper crafted-submarine, and a heavy smoker-octopus stuffed doll. I think it’s very creative and fun to watch it! The studio has making many commercials and business short films.

Studio Flox team consists of the three main talented artists; Florian Haßler, Maximilian Zenk, and Nica Herrmann. Florian is a Company Director also he charges concept and photography. Maximilian is another director of the studio and charges concept and direction. Nice charges set design and stop motion.

You can check their works from their official website. Each commercials/videos are charming also creative! My favorite is The Grim Reaper Has The Blues. It tells about how people can prevent depression and suicide. According to their official website, it explains “Good old Dr Death finds himself in an existential dilemma. He can’t kill anymore. Everything just feels so empty. Does his life have any real purpose? Suddenly, a newspaper flies out of nowhere and bonks him on the head” about The Grim Reaper. There is a scene that the main character ,Dr Death, reads a newspaper and discovered an article: “here are 10 things to shake you up”. Good story telling and great humor scene! Please check Studio Flox’s works from their website.

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