The 100 Percent Stop-Motion film, Food, Beautifully done by Emanuel Strixner


As you see Emanuel Strixner’s vimeo account, his artworks are mainly made by CG except this one, Food. This short film amazingly animated with the 100 percent stop-motion. According to the website ‘DRAGONFRAME’, Emanuel had an interview and says, “Each of these techniques has its strengths and weaknesses in the working process. After the initial idea of a film, I think about the best way to come to the desired result. In this case, clay animation was perfect for the metamorphoses”. In this film, a ball of clay from a refrigerator beautifully transformed other creatures. Please check his amazing stop-motion film, Food, from below link.


Food by Emanuel Strixner

food from Emanuel Strixner on Vimeo.



Emanuel Strixner’s vimeo account


Emanuel Strixner’s interview by ‘DRAGONFRAME’