The Beautiful Handcrafted Artwork in the film, 38-39°C by Kangmin Kim


The Korean animator, Kangmin Kim’s mixed media stop-motion animated short film, 38-39°C, shows beautiful handcrafted artwork, and it also well shown his childhood memory. The film’s main characters are a father and his son, and they appear at Korean public spa. Both of them have the same birthmark in their back that represents their relationship. This Kim’s fantastic film 38-39°C was screened at Sundance film festival in 2012.

It was directed by Kim and designed by Kim and Seulhwa Eum. Kim had graduated at CAL Arts and earned MFA in 2011. Kim and Eum have established their own animation studio named Studio zazac in Los Angeles. According to the studio’s website, they are focusing to create stop-motion films that using handcrafted media with designed backgrounds.


38-39°C by Kangmin Kim

38-39°C from KANGMIN KIM on Vimeo.



Making video of 38-39°C

TIMELAPSE from my thesis from KANGMIN KIM on Vimeo.



The artists, Kangmin Kim and Seulhwa Eum’s animation studio, Studio zazac’s website