The Brazilian Animation Studios have made the Salvation Army’s Commercial


A necktie dramatically starts singing a Dominican singer, Juan Luis Guerra’s romantic song, Bachata Rosa in a bedroom. The normal bedroom gradually becomes the necktie and other clothes’ romantic performing place. The performers’ movements are very smooth, and the stop-motion animators, Paulo Passaro and Donald Lee, did a great job for expressing the clothes’ singing scenes. Two animation studios, Vetor Zero and Lobo in Brasil, created this fun commercial. The director, Gabriel Nobrega works at both studios. This commercial concept is “Ex-Valentine’s Day” that asks to donate your previous significant other’s objects (such as presents, clothes, accessories) to the Salvation Army instead of throw them away.


The Salvation Army commercial – Valentine’s Day:

Directed by Gabriel Nobrega and stop-motion animated by Paulo Passaro and Donald Lee

Salvation Army – Valentine’s Day from Paulo Passaro on Vimeo.


Animation studio, ‘Vetor Zero’


Animation studio, ‘Lobo’