The Grave of Saint Oran: A Neil Gaiman Animation


The Grave of Saint Oran is a short story written by Neil Gaiman. Now there is a kickstarter to fund an animated version of his film! Jim Batt whom is the head creative person on the project had set out to produce a short film based on the Gaimans work. With in days of posting his kickstarter he had reached his funding goal. Now with only days left he has surpassed the goal and is looking to make a really great film. Whats even better is he did the right thing and got permission to make the film from Neil Gaiman himself whom shows an appearance in his pitch video. Talk about a win for everyone!


The style of the film will be cutout paper animation which you can see in his early test footage. The artistry is beautiful and we can really get a sense of feeling and depth from the imagery. Please go and checkout the Kick Starter and get on board to help make this film. Heck a dollar goes a long way.