The Real Vegetables Plays, Oedipus by Jason Wishnow


The real vegetables are wearing ancient Greece costumes and play! These vegetable characters play the story of a tragic hero in Greek mythology, Oedipus. This film created by a filmmaker named Jason Wishnow. According to Wishnow’s official website, he explains “We stayed true to the spirit of 1950s cinema through a policy of typecasting and racial profiling: green olives play soldiers, pitted black olives play slaves, the citizens are kalamata olives, Senate elders are white vegetables, and, when appropriate, Ancient Greece is played by Rome”. The film took two years to finish working with over 100 volunteers. This film had selected and won at more than 80 international film festivals in Sundance (World Premiere), Seattle (Audience Award), São Paulo, Rome, and Hong Kong.


Please watch this video, Oedipus by Jason Wishnow

Oedipus *WARNING: contains scenes of vegetable sensuality* from jason wishnow on Vimeo.



Jason Wishnow’s official website