This Beautiful Stop-Motion Music Video, Moving On by Ainslie Henderson


You may think about your loved one and will feel emotional also makes your heart warm to see this stop-motion music video, Moving On. An animator, Ainslie Henderson created this video for a British rock band named James. All materials made entirely from yellow yarn. This video tells a story of life and death also there are two different stories in it. The first story shows a yellow yarn character lays down on the bed in a hospital, and another character holds the other’s hand. However, one’s body gradually disappears and ending the character’s life right front of a loved one. It is a very sad story; on the other hand, the second story shows you woman character dances care-free. She suddenly discovers a wool string that becomes her baby gradually. These two complement stories beautifully show you the theme. Life and death.


Please watch this beautiful stop-motion music video, Moving On by Ainslie Henderson

Moving On from ainslie henderson on Vimeo.


Ainslie Henderson’s official website