Hell & Back – Trailer



The adult rater R stop motion feature film Hell & Back produced by legendary animation studio Shadow Machine has just released a trailer showing whats in store for all of us stopmo fans. The film directed by Ross Shuman and Tom Gianas will feature the voices of Mila Kunis, T.J Miller, Michael Pena, Susan Sarandon, Jennifer Coolidge, Bob Odenkirk, and a slew of other well knowns. This film will be a major achievement for Shadow Machine which is known for producing the earlier seasons of Robot Chicken, Moral Orel, and Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole. Currently the studio has been producing the television series Trip Tank and BoJack Horseman.

The film will follow 2 friends as they venture into hell to save their buddy. While on their adventure they run into all sorts of trouble, super hot demons, and crazy humans that need serious mental evaluation. This film is definitely not for kids and the jocks are heavy on the disturbing style made famous by Shadow Machines prior productions. Keep an eye out for this film which will be shown in select theaters.