ISLE OF DOGS / Making a World: Weather & Elements


ISLE OF DOGS / Making a World: Weather & Elements.

Wes Andersons latest film ISLE OF DOGS is an artistic extravaganza of technique and imagination. The film is massively detailed and filled with imagery that took a literal army of artists to make. One of the major obstacles in making a stop motion film is often the type of elements you will be using in the production of special effects. Do you go practical with in camera effects or do you go the full CGI explosions and water. In the past Wes Anderson has opted to use practical in camera effects and it is refreshing to see that he stuck with it on his latest film. Special Effects Animation is an art in itself so to see this done on the scale this large is an amazing thing. The behind the scenes in this latest video released by Fox Searchlight is a must watch if you want to learn some secrets of the master of stop motion animation. Check it out below.