Jeremy Messersmith – Monday, You’re Not So Bad


Jeremy Messersmith – Monday, You’re Not So Bad.

Jeremy Messersmith is a musician who’s music is often upbeat and giving. His music videos are also a whimsical adventure done in cutout animation by animator Eric Powers. The first collaboration between these two artists was with the music video Tatooine which had that catch chorus of “Twins Suns of Tatooine, taught me everything I know” and showed highlights of the original Starwars saga all in paper cutout animation. This latest work titled Monday, You’re Not So Bad is very much a throw back to the 1960’s pop love songs. It’s rhythmic vibe is happy and uplifting while holding onto a little melancholy. The music video features a characters listening to headphones while the whole world around him goes to complete hell from a massive monster invasion and all of this is done is paper! Eric Powers is definitely a skilled an talented artist and it is always great to see his work. Checkout the music video below.

jeremy messersmith – Monday, You’re Not So Bad from Eric Power on Vimeo.