Need Help Finishing Peter Sluszka’s Handmade Short – Hardboild


Recently found this comedy short film called Hardboild. It entirely done by stop-motion animation, and you see the fun and cute food characters appear in this urban American crime drama. The wild and cool detectives, Harry and Callaham are the main characters who are an egg and a slice of ham! Each character has very interesting personality that makes us more exciting to watch this film. There are Bacon pimp, an Olive forensics specialist, NYC hot dog, and more fun food characters.



This 20 minutes stop-motion film directed by the Award winning animation director, Peter Sluszka. He has been working this film over 10 years now. You see some characters are made by actual foods in this film. The handmade characters, sets, and props are created by the studio, DUMBO in Brooklyn. Making Hardboild has completed 80 percent now, but Sluszka and the team need help to getting finish the rest of the 20 percent of this film. Their goal is raising $75,000 for finishing this film. They need your help for the fabrication and shooting of the final scene for the film and expecting to get done by 2017. You are able to donate from this website. It seems only few days left for sending them the donations. Please watch the trailer from the website and support for finishing this fun stop-motion animated short, Hardboiled, if you can.


Hardboiled Trailer from Hardboiled Film on Vimeo.

Hardboiled Indiegogo Video from Hardboiled Film on Vimeo.


The donation page for Sluszka’s stop-motion short, Hardboiled by INDIEGOGO


Hardboild’s Official Facebook page