Shaun The Sheep Makes Big Cash & Squashes Critics


Shaun the Sheep was recently released in the United States to very little in the way of marketing and promotion. Many within the film industry were scratching their heads when Lions Gate whom was the domestic distributor didn’t take to a big marketing plan to promoting the film, nor was there any real press about the film. Those that were lucky enough to see the film before it’s release said they enjoyed it, and when it was released in European theaters it was received with much excitement and cheer. So you can imagine the frustration Aardman must have felt when this long awaited film only broke $4 million in it’s first week. Compared to their prior films it looked like Shaun the Sheep Movie was going to be a flop.

Don’t panic, as of checking Box Office Mojo today 8/30/2015 Shaun the Sheep raked in $76,047,000. That’s a lot of money for a stop motion film with no dialogue and very little promotion. Since many of those early critics are probably scratching their heads wondering how this is at all possible. We can only guess that the markets outside of the U.S.A. were marketed more and that the audience was a lot more open when it comes to children’s entertainment. We are keeping our finders crossed to see what the final tally will be, but definitely can see that the film will make a future splash when it comes to DVD, Blueray, and Digital purchases in the near future. Go see it theaters before it’s too late.