The Transformers Season 1 Intro Remade in Stop Motion


The Transformers Season 1 Intro Remade in Stop Motion.

Transformers that amazing television series / toys that have evolved considerably from it’s birth in the 80’s. It’s such a cult favorite that now there are individuals reproducing the intros and television bumpers in STOP MOTION! GI Joe and the varied Batman versus Joker stop motion toys animation has been very popular on the You Tubes, but now there’s some competition for the slickest looking stop motion reproduction of a cartoon series. I would say this TRANSFORMERS collaboration between YouTube channels The Lazy Eyebrow Reviewer and Optimus Timelord’s channel Masterpiece ReAnimated is a fun throwback to those days of old when toys were either super high quality straight from Japan or were a U.S. cheap reproduction. Don’t get me wrong, those U.S. Hasbro action figures were SICK and you can definitely see the quality of those toys in these videos. The Transformers Season 1 Intro Remade in Stop Motion is awesome. The total level of care to match the action figures to the 2D animated original is near perfection. I also like the fact that the backgrounds were kept in many of the shots, but it’s good to see some hand made elements as well in the short piece.

There’s a really good write up about this animation with some further examples over on the Nerdist website. Check it out here: LINK